I have a plugin that uses its init function to save custom user data from front end registrations. It uses:

 if ($event->params['isNewUser']) {}


if (craft()->request->isSiteRequest()) {}

To perform front end save routines.

I want to add a small custom user save rule for admin usage outside of the IsNewUser logic in order to preserve like this:

 if (craft()->request->isCpRequest()) {
   $user = craft()->users->getUserById($uidfromURL);
   $user->getContent()->URN = 'my custom value';
   $success = craft()->users->saveUser($user);

The problem is that this code just loops thru the plugin. I need the custom field to be manually editable, but i also need to create a default value too on initial user creation in admin.


I had a similar problem a while ago when a plugin listened for onSaveUser and then saved the user itself, causing an infinite loop. Someone provided me something like:

craft()->on('users.onSaveUser', function(Event $event) {
    static $recursionLevel = 0;
    if ($recursionLevel == 0) {
        // do your stuff

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