I'm a bit confused by the notifications set-up in Freeform. The instructions state 'The notification template used to send an email to the email value entered into this field (optional).' I selected the template and entered an email address in the field below, but an email notification is sent to the user of the form as well as the administrator following a submission. So how do I set up a notification to send to admin only? And if I wanted to create a separate notification for the user, how do I do that?

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It's not obvious, but you need to select the email field in the form settings, then select a notification from the pane on the right to send to the value in the field.


Freeform allows you to send email notifications 5 different ways (all of them each being able to have their own notification templates, etc).

For Submitter Notifications specifically, you would follow these instructions:

Email notifications can be sent to the user submitting the form using the Email field type. This is often used to send an email confirmation for the user. To setup:

  • In Field Editor (Freeform -> Fields) or Composer Quick Field (Add New Field button at left), create a new field of the Email field type. In Composer interface for the form, drag that field into field layout.
  • Click on field inside field layout and look over to the Property Editor (right column).
  • Select and/or add an email template.

When the form submitter enters their email address in this field, Freeform will use that email address to send the email notification to.

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