Is it possible to sell products using Craft Commerce, where the product may have digital AND non-digital variants?

For example, a greeting card, might be available as a printed card but also as a digital download.

I know there is a Digital Products plugin - however, this seems to require that the product is either digital OR not (it can't be both):

Digital products are similar to Commerce’s core products, except that they don’t have variants

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You could definitely use standard products/variants to sell something that is digitally delivered. The Digital Products plugin just provides a nicer way to verify the ownership of a purchase, but you can see if someone has purchased a particular variant with something like this:

{% set orders = craft.commerce.orders.user(currentUser).hasPurchasables(product.defaultVariant).find() %}
{% if orders|length %}
 You already purchased this item in </strong> <a href="customer/order?orderNumber={{ orders[0].number }}">Order #{{ orders[0].shortNumber }}</a>
{% endif %}

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