I'm using Craft Pro 3.0.0-beta.19 and I try to query matrix blocks with craft.matrixBlocks(). Background: I have event series (=structure) with a matrix block containing 1:n dates for each series. My block type in the "dates" matrix block is "eventDate" and looks like this: Block Definition

this works:

{% set entries = craft.matrixBlocks() %}

Since this is the first matrix block I have I get all the entries I have (2):

{{ entries | length }} will output: 2 {{ entries.one().type }} will output: eventDate


Now I want to limit the blocks to eventDate only

{% set entries = craft.matrixBlocks.type('eventDate') %}

On the first glance this seems to work, I get the same results.

But when I change this to

{% set entries = craft.matrixBlocks.type('WhateverGoesHere') %}

I still get the same results. Am i not understanding this or is it a bug?

Thanks, Matthias


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This was a bug in a beta version of Craft 3 (fixed here: https://github.com/craftcms/cms/commit/9b6dad7385c5a82d1c83d230fe6ce0cfe940675b)

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