Running 2.6.2983 on OS Sierra.

I'm noticing that some of my SVG files when uploading are going from 50kb to 1kb and then appear completely blank when trying to view them. Does anyone have a clue why this would be happening?


  • This sounds like a bug. Please email support@craftcms.com for assistance.
    – Lindsey D
    Jun 21 '17 at 21:47

Half-bug, half side-effect/undesired behavior for SVG sanitization that got added in Craft 2.6.2982 for SVGs that use embedded data.

The next release of Craft (post 2.6.2983) adds a sanitizeSvgUploads config setting (true by default) that you will be able to set to false to disable SVG sanitization.

  • Nice to see it fixed so quickly
    – zedjay72
    Jul 23 '17 at 15:54

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