In Element API v1, I am setting up an endpoint that is trying to expose a news entry including the tags (title, id, slug) associated with it. Thought it could be set up similarly to how you can retrieve categories using an array_map. But my code doesn't seem to work for tags.

'api/news.json' => [
  'elementType' => ElementType::Entry,
  'criteria' => ['section' => 'news'],
  'transformer' => function(EntryModel $entry) {
    return [

      'id' => $entry->id,
      'title' => $entry->title,
      'slug' => $entry->slug,
      'postDate' => $entry->postDate,
      'url' => $entry->url,
      'jsonUrl' => UrlHelper::getUrl("api/news/{$entry->id}.json"),
      'description' => (string) $entry->newsDescription,
      'tags' => array_map( function(TagModel $tag) {
        return [
          'id' => $tag->id,
          'title' => $tag->title,
          'slug' => $tag->slug,
      }, $entry->newsTags->find()),
      'type' => array_map( function(CategoryModel $category) {
        return [
          'id' => $category->id,
          'title' => $category->title,
          'slug' => $category->slug,
      }, $entry->newsType->find()),


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I took a break from this project. Came back, looked at the code, and saw a simple overlooked error - had a ")" instead if "}". Grrr. Starring too much at pixels lately. Fixed the code. So it's all working now. The array_map with the Tag Model does work.

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