I'm trying to grab all Entries that were updated after a given date and time.

It seems like I can grab all entries updated after a date using the following:

{% set timeLimit = now | date_modify("-2 min") %}
{% set updated = craft.entries({ dateUpdated: '>=' ~ timeLimit }).section('myChannel') %}

The problem is, that code doesn't actually seem to take time into account at all, just date. timeLimit in the above will always return something like 2014-08-21.

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You concatenate the strings '>=' and what is output from the timeLimit var (the same as {{ timeLimit }} does). So it gets concatenated to '>=2014-08-22'.

You need to change two things. First add a space after the comparison operator and second, change the date output to include the time by using the date filter. I suggest to use 'c' as the value for the formatting parameter, as it returns the datetime ISO 8601 formatted.

{% set timeLimit = now|date_modify('-2 min') %}

{# Get entries with `dateUpdated('>= 2014-08-22T01:55:00+02:00')` #}
{% set updated = craft.entries.dateUpdated('>= ' ~ timeLimit|date('c')) %}

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