I have Craft Commerce installed, and I wanted to search title against both product title and variant title. I looked up in the database, I noticed that products and variants are of two element types, Commerce_Product and Commerce_Variant. As far as I know, with ElementCriteriaModel you can only query against one element type, like what I have now:

$criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria('Commerce_Product');

Is it possible to query against multiple element types in one db call?

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This is more of a limitation of Craft than Commerce, but it's currently not possible in one query... you'd need to do two and perform some merging/filtering logic.

Consider thumbs-upping/commenting on this feature request which would enable what you're looking for.

  • Great, glad to see it's being proposed. Just upped your proposal on github. Thanks.
    – user6848
    Jun 14, 2017 at 4:31

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