I need to make a database on a remote server, and since I have been using craftman installer which uses Docker to install Craft CMS and DB locally I have no idea how does the DB actually looks like. How can I check and see what is DB like, and export the sql file so that I can import it on the remote server? I have tried to connect to it using these settings:

Username: root
Database: craft
Port: 3306

I have also tried with changing the Db name from craft to the name of my project, but that didn't work either, not sure where I can find the right settings and how to connect to DB?


Never used craftman before, but it looks like the database name it creates is called craft and it's pulling the database user and password from some environment variables named CRAFT_DB_USER and CRAFT_DB_PASSWORD you could check for.

  • I am trying to connect to a localhost port 3306, db name craft, user root, and from what it seems to me in the craft\app\config\db.php password can be left out, but I can't connect to the db. I have tried with changing the name of the db, from craft to the name of my project and I still couldn't connect to it.
    – Leff
    Jun 12 '17 at 8:37

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