I'm trying to access the order and orderHistory model via onBeforeSendEmail event. I can see that in Commerce_EmailsService.php file on line 311 the event is created with those params and passed to onBeforeSendEmail, but when I try to access them from my plugin, they are not there. I thought they would be available in the variables param, but they are not (or I'm doing something wrong here).

Does anyone know if/how I can access those models from onBeforeSendEmail event?

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You don't show what code you're trying to use to access the parameters, but something like this should work from your main plugin class:

public function init()

    craft()->on('commerce_emails.beforeSendEmail', function($event) {
        $params = $event->params;

        $craftEmail = $params['craftEmail'];
        $commerceEmail = $params['commerceEmail'];
        $order = $params['order'];
        $orderHistory = $params['orderHistory'];

  • Hi Brad, turns out I was looking at the basic emails event email.onBeforeSendEmail and not the one for commerce commerce_emails.beforeSendEmail (which by the way is not listed on the events reference page: craftcommerce.com/docs/events-reference). Thanks again Brad.
    – ijust
    Commented Jun 7, 2017 at 8:29

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