Why do I get the error when I try to install Craft 3?

composer create-project craftcms/craft Documents/Development/Project -s beta

The error:

Could not find package craftcms/craft with stability stable 
in a version installable using your PHP version 5.6.30.

I am running PHP 7.1.

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You are running PHP 5.6.30 on the command line (read the error message), which you can also verify with php -v.

To swap the PHP, you should add the path to your preferred PHP executable to your shell’s configuration file (e.g. ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc).

export PATH="/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.1.1/bin:$PATH"

Another option is to ignore the PHP requirement using --ignore-platform-reqs

composer create-project craftcms/craft . -s beta --ignore-platform-reqs

and then fake the PHP version in the project’s composer.json for later updates

"config": {
  "optimize-autoloader": true,
  "platform": {"php": "7.0"}

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