What's a good way to add attributes (classes etc.) to the HTML elements returned from the markdown filter?


This is what I currently do to add a class Bibliography to all generated <ul> tags from my articleBibliography field. Because there's never other content in this field, I'm save to replace them all.

{{ entry.articleBibliography|markdown|replace({'<ul>': '<ul class="Bibliography">'})|raw }}


Update: You can also use the awesome Retcon plugin for this, it’s using DomDocument internally so the result should be more reliable.

{{ entry.articleBibliography|markdown|retconAttr('ul', {'class': 'Bibliography'}) }}
  • How can I add a class to an anchor? This works, but I obviously don't want to hardcode href and title. Any ideas? ``` {{ block.text|markdown|replace({'<a href="example.com" title="example.com">': '<a href="example.com" class="my-class" title="example.com">'})|raw }} ``` Sep 29 '17 at 12:24
  • @AndreaDeMers please see my update to the answer
    – carlcs
    Sep 29 '17 at 13:17

You could put the class on the parent element, and then target .Bibliography > ul in your css.


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