Craft: 2.6.2976 Commerce: 1.2.1341

I want to force currency depending on language (en_us and no). The user should not be allowed to choose.

I've added two currencies 1) EUR - base, 2) NOK.

Putting define('COMMERCE_PAYMENT_CURRENCY', 'EUR'); in the index.php for the english site, and define('COMMERCE_PAYMENT_CURRENCY', 'NOK');in the index.php file for the norwegian site does not work.

The currency is always EUR.

To be clear: Using {{constant('COMMERCE_PAYMENT_CURRENCY')}} does output the correct currency as set in index.php, however the cart is what always remains in EUR (base).

Is this a bug in Commerce?

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How do you render the cart?

Using {{ item.price|commerceCurrency(cart.paymentCurrency,convert=true) }} instead of {{ item.price|commerceCurrency(cart.currency) }} works for me.


Just tried setting define('COMMERCE_PAYMENT_CURRENCY', 'EUR') in the index.php file and it works fine.

You just need to use

{{ cart.paymentCurrency }}


{{ cart.currency }}

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