I have a DIV wrapping a Rich Text field. I would like to add a class name to the DIV only if an image is present in the text field. Is there a way to check for an image?

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You could use the in operator to search for a substring in your markup.

{% set imageExists = '<img' in entry.body.getRawContent() %}
{% set classAttr = imageExists ? 'with-image' : '' %}

<div class="{{ classAttr }}">
    {{ entry.body }}

Another, probably bit more reliable way to test for <img> elements is to use the Retcon plugin, which uses DOMdocument to parse the markup.

A combination of retconOnly and length filters should get you there.

{% set imageExists = entry.body|retconOnly('img')|length %}
  • Thank you... my code is now like this and works. {% set imageExists = block.textArea|retconOnly('img')|length %} {% set classAttr = imageExists ? 'with-image' : '' %} <div class="entryTxt {{ classAttr }}"> {{ block.textArea|retconUnwrap('img') }} </div>
    – Martin
    Commented Apr 28, 2017 at 10:09

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