How would I add more information (custom fields) to a variant's snapshot?

The custom field I'm adding will change over time, but I need it to stay consistent on invoices etc.


Yes using the onPopulateLineItem event. Something like this should work:

craft()->on('commerce_lineItems.onPopulateLineItem', function($event){

    $purchasable = $event->params['purchasable'];
    $lineItem = $event->params['lineItem'];

    $lineItem->options = array_merge(


For Craft 3 Nathaniel from Pixel & Tonic helped us with the below:

In the following example, I am adding the titles of a category relationship field productColours to the snapshot but only for the products in the product type of clothing.

// Modify product snapshot
Event::on(Variant::class, Variant::EVENT_AFTER_CAPTURE_PRODUCT_SNAPSHOT, function(CustomizeProductSnapshotDataEvent $event) {
    $variant = $event->sender;
    if (!$variant instanceof Variant) {

    $product = $variant->getProduct();
    if (!$product || $product->type->handle != 'clothing') {

    $colours = $product->productColours->all();
    if (empty($colours)) {

    $event->fieldData['productColours'] = ArrayHelper::getColumn($colours, 'title');

You will also need to add

use craft\commerce\events\CustomizeProductSnapshotDataEvent;

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