I have external library handling connection to mail delivery system. Its just php class. How do i include and use this class inside craft plugin controller?


class mail_delivery{


namespace Craft;

class controller extends BaseController

    public function init()
        require_once 'library.php';

    public function method(){
        $object = $rest = new mail_delivery();

I get PHP error:

( ! ) Fatal error: Class 'Craft\FmRestAPI' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\mmimport\craft\plugins\freshmailintegration\controllers\FreshmailIntegration_EmailController.php on line 27

Is this some kind of namespace issue?

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Is this some kind of namespace issue?

Yes. If the class you're trying to instantiate is in a namespace, you'd need to indicate that:

$object = $rest = new \the\library\class\namespace\mail_delivery();

If it does not use namespaces, it's probably in the global namespace:

$object = $rest = new \mail_delivery();

If you do it like in your example:

$object = $rest = new mail_delivery();

Then PHP will assuming it's in the current file's namespace (Craft) and you'll get the error that you see.

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