I have created an Adjuster which is attached to commerce_lineItems.onPopulateLineItem.

The discount criteria is based on validation of a completely separate coupon API, so I created a permission-less user group in order to allow my client to continue using the Commerce Discounts UI. In my adjuster, I had to override the the matchLineItem() method in order to bypass the $discount->allGroups check. I'm using Craft's httpSession to persist the criteria through the checkout process.

Everything works fine, however if the user adds a product to the cart and THEN authenticates, the discount doesn't get applied until they either a.) update the cart or b.) raise the commerce_lineItems.onPopulateLineItem event again.

I've tried adding craft()->commerce_orders->saveOrder($cart) at the end of a successful API call, however that doesn't seem to trigger the event. Is there another event I can use that will also update the cart or can I somehow raise an already declared CEvent? I've tried everything I know including hitting actionUpdateCart() with Guzzle!

I know this is a very edge case situation, so just to (briefly) illustrate I've added a portion of my base plugin below.

public function init()
    require_once __DIR__ .'/vendor/autoload.php';
     Load Premium Member Adjusters if $is_premium_member is true
    craft()->on('commerce_lineItems.onPopulateLineItem', function($event){

        $lineItem    = $event->params['lineItem'];

        if ($lineItem->purchasable instanceof Commerce_VariantModel){
            if ($this->is_premium_member) {
                $this->adjusters = [
                  599 => new WorkshopAdjuster

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I've built a plugin which uses it's own events before, I guess the way to do it would be the same for separate plugins, however this is untested for your use case.

This should go in your plugin service

// Import the event from the other plugin

/Initialise the plugins event and pass whatever is required to it.
$event = new OtherPluginEvent($this, array('request' => $request));

// Raise it.
$this->raiseEvent('OtherPluginEvent', $event);

Again I haven't tried this from the context of calling another plugins event, but that is what I do from a plugins own event...

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