Is it possible to use PayPal Standard with Craft Commerce? The docs are saying that Paypal is "fully supported", but I only see PayPal Express and PayPal Pro in gateways dropdown in conrol panel.

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Craft Commerce uses Omnipay for its payment processing library. Here's a list of the Omnipay officially supported 1st party gateways: https://github.com/thephpleague/omnipay#payment-gateways

Omnipay: Paypal says it supports these Paypal services:

  • PayPal_Express (PayPal Express Checkout)
  • PayPal_ExpressInContext (PayPal Express In-Context Checkout)
  • PayPal_Pro (PayPal Website Payments Pro)
  • PayPal_Rest (Paypal Rest API)

Didn't have much Googling luck trying to find a 3rd party Omnipay plugins that support Paypal Standard, but there's always the option of writing an Omnipay compatible one that wraps the Paypal Standard API, then a Craft plugin to bring that into Commerce.

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