I am using the EntryCount which count the entry and total view of an entry and I want to show total view of entries of a particular user. Something like:

User XYZ:
Entries: ABC(10 View) + DEF(20 View) + GHI(10 View) = 40 View (Total).

User MNO:
Entries: ABC(10 View) + DEF(10 View) + GHI(10 View) = 30 View (Total).

I just want to show this:

'XYZ':40(View) and 'MNO': 30(View).

How can I do this?


Never used the plugin, but after glancing thought the source code, I don't think it's possible given its current implementation without modifications.

Currently it's tracking entry counts on a global basis and not a per-user basis.

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