I've setup a custom element type for badges for a system I'm building, but I've run into some trouble trying to query for badges using craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Badges_Badge);, however I'm getting an error saying 'Undefined class constant 'Badges_Badge', but when I loop through all element types using getAllElementTypes() I see an entry for 'Badges_Badges', and I'm able to add and edit badges in the cms.

Is it impossible to query for custom elements using getCriteria, or am I missing something more fundamental?

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Fixed it for now by including a custom enum class in the base plugin file:

abstract class CustomElementType extends BaseEnum
    const Badges_Badge = 'Badges_Badge';

and then querying for the custom element in the plugin using craft()->elements->getCriteria(CustomElementType::Badges_Badge);


ElementType is a native Craft class, so it doesn't know about the Badges_Badge const you're trying to access.

You can either do it by adding your own class that adds a Badges_Badge const, like you discovered, or simply use:


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