I have an event section with custom fields for eventDate and eventEndDate.

I'm listing upcoming events in my template using:

{% for event in craft.entries.section('events').eventDate('>='~now).limit(3).order('eventDate ASC') %}

This works fine for single day events. But multi-day events disappear after the first day, when I want them to be listed until the event is over. I can't do .eventEndDate('>='~now) because the Event End Date field is left blank for single day events. Is there a way to add an OR to my query to get events with future eventDates OR events with future eventEndDates?

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I think the simplest solution would be to make the eventEndDate field required even for single day events. Then you could do something like this:

{% for event in craft.entries({
  eventEndDate:'>= '~now,
  limit: 3, 
}) %}

Given you have 3 events:

  1. Starts Monday, ends Friday.
  2. Starts Wednesday, ends Thursday.
  3. Starts Thursday, ends Thursday.

On Wednesday, you'll still see those events in order (1,2,3).

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