How can I omit a certain tag from being cached?

I have a large page with a fair few queries but halfway down I am loading in a Freeform Form field which cannot be cached. But I'd like all of the content below it to be..

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Unfortunately, the vanilla {% cache %} tag doesn't have a way to escape or ignore certain content.

The obvious workaround is to have more than one {% cache %} tag, where the content that shouldn't be cached sits between/outside those tags.

If you can't do that, another option is to use output buffering and injection. Basically, you cache whatever you need to cache, but {% set %} the output to a variable, rather than rendering it immediately. The important bit: Inside the content that you cache, you put some sort of placeholder value where you want the un-cached content to render. This placeholder can be whatever you want, but make it something that isn't likely to also appear in the actual content (e.g. "%%%foobarbaz%%%"). Then, {% set %} the un-cached content to a variable also – and finally, when you print the cached content, you use the |replace filter to replace the placeholder value in the cached content with the variable containing the un-cached content. Something like this:

{# Set the cached content to a variable #}
{% set cachedContent %}
    {% cache globally using key craft.request.path %}

        {# A bunch of taxing queries here #}
        <p>I am content.</p>

        {# Injection point for un-cached data #}

        <p>I am more content.</p>

    {% endcache %}
{% endset %}

{# Set the uncached content to a variable #}
{% set uncachedContent %}
    <p>I am some content that never is cached wooooo</p>
{% endset %}

{# Print the whole thing #}
{{ cachedContent|replace('%%%foobarbaz%%%', uncachedContent)|raw }}

Finally, there's a plugin which may work for you.

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