I am not sure if i need a plugin to accomplish a specific task or if Craft CMS can natively handle this task.

I created bios for people in a channel of bios. Each entry has a Job Title text field to store a single job title.

So, I want to store a list or array of multiple job titles for each person/entry. Then, I want to choose which job title is rendered when I use the entries field to select a bio to render.

Any ideas? Thank you.

  • I'm pretty certain you don't need a plugin to do what you want. However, it's a bit unclear as to what exactly you're trying to achieve (or what your architecture actually looks like).
    – Lindsey D
    Apr 3 '17 at 17:07

Probably a dozen different ways to tackle this, but I'd probably use Craft's flexible relationship engine by creating a Bios channel and a Jobs channel.

The Bios channel would have an entries field assigned to its field layout with its source set to Jobs and it would allow for multiple selections.

Then, when creating a new Bios entry, you'd select the Job(s) for that person.

You could pull them out into the front-end however you'd like at that point.

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