I figured this would be simple but apparently not (for me, anyway).

  • I have a product with two variants (orange and yellow).
  • I have a page that lists all the available products.
  • On that page, both variants appear. I really just need one and users can select their variant from a drop-down on the checkout page.

What I've got:

{# get the products from the categories #}
{% set products = craft.commerce.products.type('shirts,shorts') %}

{# show the product main image and link to the product page #}
<a href="{{ product.url }}">
    {% if product|length %}
        {% set asset = product.productHeroImage.first() %}
    <img src="{{ asset.url }}">{% endif %}

I did try {% set products = craft.commerce.products.defaultVariant.type('shirts,shorts') %} but get the same results.

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OK, so this did have a really simple solution. Just use isDefault.

{% if variant.isDefault %}Show the product{% endif %}

Works like a charm.

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