I have a navigation structure as follows:

{% set page = entry ?? category ?? null %}

<ul class="nav menu--main">
    {% nav entry in entries %}

        <li class="menu__item{% if page and page.id == entry.id %} is-current{% endif %}">

            <a {% if entry.type == 'noLink' %}href=""{% else %}href="{{ entry.url }}"{% endif %}>{{ entry.title }}</a>

            {% ifchildren %}
                <ul class="nav menu--submenu__wrapper">
                    {% children %}
            {% endifchildren %}


    {% endnav %}

As you can see, I have an entry.type called "No link" which means that the user doesn't want the parent page to have a page of it's own, yet it still needs to appear in the nav to give context to the children.

My question is; how can I get the first child's URL within the ifchildren tags so I can make the parent automatically redirect to the first child's page in the navigation?

I know how to do this in regular forloops, but it would be nice to do this within Craft's nav tags.

Thanks, Jay

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In that case you can put this in the href value:

{{ entry.descendants.type('page').first.url ?? '' }}

(Replace page with the other entry type handle(s).)


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