Let's say I have an entry type named "Designers", and I have:

  • A title field "Full Name"

  • A categories field "Specialty"

  • Another categories field "Location"

Now I want each designer (that is, each entry) from the "Designers" entry type to link to a another page showing blog entries on which this designer's work is featured.

I'm sorry if I'm not being clear enough... Basically, it's a basic directory what I want to build. People can find designers by specialty and location (not sure if categories is the right way to do it...any suggestions?).

My question is how can I create that page showing the entries. Maybe this can't be done with entry types and I need a separated channel?!

  • Rafael, is it right that you want to accomplish this all with a Craft personal license? Because that's what I read between the lines...
    – carlcs
    Aug 16, 2014 at 7:31
  • Yup, thanks for the explanation! I'm thinking maybe it's possible to do something like this: visualcache.com/features/by/
    – Rafael
    Aug 17, 2014 at 11:58

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What about using a category group for your designers as well?

Add your "Specialty" and "Locations" category fields to a "Designers" category's field layout and then use a "Designers" category field on your blog entries to assign the designer.

Sorry for the confusion with my other answer, after re-reading your question today I noticed that I headed in the wrong direction. A "Designers" category would probably be the right way to do it, even if you had the ability to add a second channel section.

  • Ahhhh, why do I tend to over complicate things? :P I guess using a category group for "designers" is exactly right for what I was thinking, carlcs! Just not sure how the code for the category's field layout would be like, hmmm... docs here I come...
    – Rafael
    Aug 18, 2014 at 8:28

You could indeed use entry types to separate your "Designer" and "Blog" entries, but that wouldn't be a very good way to do it. The type of content is just too different to make them a good fit for a single channel section.

But let's try it anyways:

Basically you'd need to relate the entries, each "Designer" entry with all linked "Blog" entries. To make such relations possible, you add an entries field "Designer" to the "Blog" entry type. Entries fields can be configured to only show entries of select sections. With a separate "Designers" section you could nicely filter the entries available. If you have one combined channel, where you mix "Designer" and "Blog" entries – even if they are in separate entry types – you will always have them next to each other in your entries field modal.

The ability to further filter the sources available on an entries field other than a filter on the section will most likely come with an update to Craft though.

But besides this (current) problem, you could definitely mis-use that one single channel for your design. Another thing to mention here, it'd probably be a bit more of work to set this all up.

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