I know this has been discussed a little bit on here, but I'm asking if any one has successfully implemented a Members Discussion Forum using CraftCMS ?

Or, if anyone knows of an add-on roadmap to include this type of functionality ?

I'm really trying to avoid having to use EE to accomplish this.

TIA, Eric


You may want to look at http://vanillaforums.org/ its open source and php based like craft. You host it yourself so no need to worry about a Saas providers longevity (they do offer a hosted option as well at vanillaforums.com)

It has a single sign on option that seems to allow for a basic forum but I havent yet actually tried it, although we have a project coming up this fall that we will likely use it for.

Obviously a custom developed plugin would be the ideal option but that may or may not happen anytime soon.


I would also go the SSO way: Install a nice stand-alone discussion forum and connect it with Craft:


Just about to start a project where we will be integrating Muut.com, and using their Single Sign-On functionality to make it a pretty seamless experience for our users. Wish I could have native functionality (always worried that any SaaS provider will one day go away), but they look to be the best option.


You might like to check out this alternative http://www.discourse.org/

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