I have a homepage single section has a field for entries (only 1 can be selected). This field is called featuredEntry.

In my homepage template (index.html) I set a variable {% set featured = entry.featuredEntry %} for the field I then loop thru that to pull in that entries content {% for mainEntry in featured %}

I have a listing of entries below it that pull from the same News channel as the featured entry above. I don't want the featured entry to show in that list.

I followed the answer here (Exclude "featured" entries from a "recent" entries {% for %} loop) with slight changes to try and omit that entry.

However, setting a variable {% set featuredIds = featured.ids() %} for the above featured entry doesn't seem to work.

I am omitting additional entries that are marked with a certain tag as explained here: List entries without specific tag

What am I missing here or what is wrong for my code to not pull in that id of the featured entry?

{% set featuredIds = featured.ids() %}

{% set mainTag = craft.tags.search('All-Stars').first() %}
{% set allEntries = craft.entries.section('news') %}
{% set taggedEntries = craft.entries.section('news').relatedTo(mainTag).ids %}

{% set omitIds = 'and, not ' ~ taggedEntries|join(', not ') ~ allEntries|join(', not featuredIds') %}
{% set untaggedEntries = craft.entries.section('news').id(omitIds) %}

{% for feedItems in untaggedEntries.limit(5) %}

In that code above in the omitIds variable, if I do this: {% set omitIds = 'and, not ' ~ taggedEntries|join(', not ') ~ allEntries|join(', not SPECIFIC ID') %}

It works.

Thanks in advance.

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My variable wasn't outputting the id and it wasn't being pulled into my omitIds variable

{% set featuredIds = entry.featuredEntry.first.id %}

{% set omitIds = 'and, not ' ~ taggedEntries|join(', not ') ~ allEntries|join(', not ' ~ featuredIds) %}

Adding .first.id to my entry.featuredEntry outputs the correct id. Then removed featuredIds from the ', not ' in omitIds and added ~ featuredIds pulls in the correct id and omits it from the list.

Feel free to edit as I'm sure I'm not explaining this correctly.

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