I'm using additional fields on my contact form. I want to re-populate the additional fields if/when the form fails validation, but it's not working so far.

To re-populate a standard field, the code uses an attribute of message using dot syntax…

<input name="fromName" id="fromName" value="{% if message is defined %}{{ message.fromName }}{% endif %}" type="text">

But for additional fields the value is stored as an attribute of message.message using the subscript syntax (the use of square brackets below)…

<input name="message[Phone]" id="phone" type="text" value="">

I'm having trouble accessing the substring value on message.message. In my specific example, I have several radio buttons that need their selections remembered in case anything goes wrong. Here's what I expected to work…

{% for course in courses %}
    <input id={{ course.slug }}" name="message[Course]" type="radio" value="{{ course }}"
         {% if message is defined and message.message[Course] == course %}
         {% endif%}>
{% endfor %}

However, this code outputs the template error:

Variable "Course" does not exist.

How can I re-populate the additional fields for the contact form plugin?

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From the changelog:


Added the ability to access individual message fields values via message.messageFields when a validation error occurred. For example, the value of the input message[Phone] can now be accessed via message.messageFields['Phone'].

So I think you should be using message.messageFields[Course] rather than message.message[Course]


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