If I'm adding events for course that is run Wed 8-5, Thurs 8-5, and Fri 8-12, how would I do that? It's not technically a recurring event, I don't think, but at the same time, it's not individual instances either. This event (or course) runs multiple times a year, to complicate things a bit more.

Has anyone done anything similar?


The only way to handle this would be to create 2 (or 3) separate events. The limitation here is the start and end times not being the same for all 3. If they were all the same, you could have done it as an individual event.

The first two are the same time, so those could be paired together, but the Friday one would have to be separate. :)

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  • In the event I set the times to the same, for the sake of simplicity (though I'd like to request that as a feature :) ) would I do it as a repeating event? – Ryan Shrum Mar 22 '17 at 0:10
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    You could do it as a repeating event if the times were all the same. You would basically have 2 options to do it: 1) Create event to start and end Wed, then repeat Daily every 1 days until Fri (if the event is happening on consecutive days). 2) Create event to start and end Wed, then repeat Weekly on Wed, Thurs, Friday, and set UNTIL date to be the last date (Friday). The above sort of assume that you have a total of 3 occurrences, but the same advice in #2 would be required if this was happening on multiple weeks. :) – Solspace Mar 22 '17 at 18:26

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