I created grouped category name projectCategory and assigned projects as the parent of design, 3d and art.

In project section (Channel) I have wrote {projectCategory.first().slug}/{slug} and in categories (projectCategory) the top level is {slug} and nested categories {parent.uri}/{slug}.

Setup the field (projectCategory) so that I can assigned entry to selected category. So far

The result is not what I am hoping for at the moment sample.com/projects/mer-car-model is what generated. I was hoping that it should read sample.com/projects/3d/mer-car-model. I would appreciate some guidance how to achieve the result.

  • In your project channel settings could you try {object.projectCategory.first().slug}/{slug}? Commented Mar 14, 2017 at 10:52

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The above setting that I wrote is good until I forgot to change the limit number of selectable categories from 1 to 2 which solve my problem. I think that was the problem for not showing the children due to limit to one select category. Now I can add two categories (The parent and child).

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