I'm trying to extend the ElementCriteriaModel using the guide here:


However I need to re-implement relatedTo keyword somehow. This is what I have so far but doesn't seem to work at all

    $criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Category);
    $criteria->slug = 'seasonal-event';
    $criteria->limit = 1;

    $category = $criteria->find();

    $this->criteria->relatedTo = array(
        'targetElement' => $category

    return $this;

You're using $criteria, but attempting to set the relatedTo property on $this->criteria.

Assuming that's not the issue, have you tried using $criteria->setAttribute('relatedTo', ['targetElement' => $category])?

I've found setAttribute to be more reliable than the ElementCriteriaModel magic methods.

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