I've installed a client version of craft. Apparently this is set in my local language (Dutch). First question is if that is something you can set to another language or must I install a Pro version for that? (Dutch is fine, but just would like to know)

Now, while the CP is in Dutch, if I parse the month, it is in English:

{{ entry.postDate.format('F') }}

So how can that be set in Dutch as well?

  • noregt, I think all of your question's topics are covered by that other Q/A. Leave a comment there if something is not clear to you, ok? – carlcs Aug 15 '14 at 11:48

Found the solution in the twig docs, this appears to work:

{{ entry.postDate|date("F") }}

This uses the local date setup instead of the US setup

Still odd, that the standard language from the CP is not used?

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