What is the best method to render Javascript on specific page using name instead of id. This is what I found but not sure how to use name instead.

{% if entry.id == 2 %}
{% endif %}

{% if entry.section == homepage %}
    //Content goes here
{% endif %}

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You'd typically use the {% includeJs %} or {% includeJsFile %} tags within your page template, to specify your page-specific JavaScript, and then output everything in your layout template by calling {{ getFootHtml() }}.

Here's how your (very basic) page template might look in practice:

{# mypage.twig #}
{% extends '_layout' %}
{% includeJsFile "/assets/js/mypage.js" %}

And here's how your (equally basic) layout template might look:

{# _layout.twig #}
<!doctype html>

{# This outputs the JavaScript from mypage.twig #}
{{ getFootHtml() }}

If you want something to only appear on the homepage you could use this:

{% if craft.request.lastSegment == "" %}
  {# do something #}
{% endif %}

So the most reliable way to check to see if you're on the Craft-designated homepage (which can be either a Single, or a Structure, or what have you) would be:

{% if entry.slug == '__home__' %}
    //Content goes here
{% endif %}

As per: Add home page to a structure?

Rather than using {% includeJs %} or {% includeJsFile %} I would recommend that you use some kind of a JavaScript loader with dependency management:

Using SystemJS as a JavaScript Loader

LoadJS as a Lightweight JavaScript Loader

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