I need a function to logout a craft user and delete the session of that user. This must take place in the element API plugin as an endpoint. Something like this:

function userLogout(){
    if (craft()->userSession->isLoggedIn()){
        // if user loggedin
        // how to logout?

'api/logout' => array(
    'elementType' => 'User',
    'criteria' => ['id' => craft()->userSession->user->id, 'limit' => 1 ],
    'paginate' => false,
    'transformer' => function(\Craft\UserModel $user) {

You can end a user's session with the craft()->userSession->logout(), method, which the UserSessionService class inherits from the CWebUser class.

So, your userLogout function would look like this:

function userLogout(){
    if (craft()->userSession->isLoggedIn()){

Additional information

Passing false to the logout method tells Yii not to "destroy" the session, and mimics the call in Craft's UsersController::logout method.

According to the Yii documentation, destroy "frees all session variables and destroys all data registered to a session." I'm unclear why Craft chooses not to destroy the session.

The UsersController::logout method also includes a few cleanup tasks, but those seem to be duplicates of the tasks performed in the UserSessionService::afterLogout method.

The afterLogout method is called from the craft()->userSession->logout() method, so you shouldn't have to worry about this manual cleanup.

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