I have a model where there will be many users. Each user has dashboard access and can add there products.. this all is done, but what I want is one user doesn't see other user products. Right now a user can see all products uploaded by all users. Currently Craft CMS doesn't have permission settings to hide entries of other user as they have for channel entries.. but I need that. Can anyone help me how can I achieve that. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance

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This sounds like a feature request really. And/or possible a use case for Craft 3s forthcoming multi-site features. Although C3 + Commerce for it is a ways off yet (6 to 9 months apparently)

You could perhaps use something like a custom field for the 'owner' of each product, and Zenbu to set up filtered views for each of the editors (just guessing, I've not used Zenbu personally)


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