I need to delete the CRAFT_CSRF_TOKEN cookie when a form submission reaches certain/success page. I'm using CSRF stripped cookie's value to store entry title like this:

{% set token = craft.request.csrfToken[:10]|replace({'~':'P', '_':'B', '|':'T'})|upper %}

Upon succesful form submission I'd like to erase cookie name CRAFT_CSRF_TOKEN and it's value so on next form load there is a new cookie value set for CRAFT_CSRF_TOKEN name to prevent next entry to be stored/updated in the same entry.

Trying to achieve this I've failed right after accessing to csrfTokenName.

Neither the property "csrfTokenName" nor one of the methods
"csrfTokenName()", "getcsrfTokenName()"/"iscsrfTokenName()" or "__call()" 
exist and have public access in class "Craft\HttpRequestVariable"

I guesss this could be accomplished using the cookies plugin or a simple jquery cookies library like js-cookie.

This is how you would go about it with the cookies plugin: set the cookies name without any value:

{{ setCookie( NAME ) }}
  • The @khalwat 's cookies plugin helped. Jan 22 '17 at 15:42

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