I've seen how you can remove html tags with twig in other posts here so I am using:

<p class="slider--text">{{ product.intro|striptags('<p>')|raw }}</p>

To remove the <p> tag that redactor adds automatically. However for some reason it is not removing it. Anyone have any ideas. Have I missed something glaringly obvious?


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Actually, the striptags filter (which is just a wrapper for the PHP strip_tags function) removes all HTML tags except the ones you pass in.

In other words, if you want to remove <p> tags, just use the striptags filter without any parameters:

{# Will remove all HTML tags #}
<p class="slider--text">{{ product.intro|striptags|raw }}</p>

If there are other tags you want to retain, you'll need to pass those in:

{# Will remove all tags except <br> and <img> #}
<p class="slider--text">{{ product.intro|striptags('<br><img>')|raw }}</p>

For a different take on stripping tags, you can use the Retcon plugin (which I wrote). With Retcon, you can remove all <p> tags (and only <p> tags; retaining their contents as well as all other tags) easily by using the retconChange filter:

<p class="slider--text">{{ product.intro|retconChange('<p>', false) }}</p>

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