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I have image that has multiple markers on it that can be clicked to bring up different popups. However, I need to some help refining the code to work properly and to link to the correct id tag.

My template code:

{% set var = craft.entries.section('availablehomes').relatedTo(category).level(2) %}
{% for entry in var %}
<!-- Popup Modal -->
{% set plotPopup = 'plotPopup' ~ entry.title|camel %}
<div class="property popup" id="{{ plotPopup }}">
{% endfor %}

Which outputs

<div class="property popup" id="plotPopupplot1">...</div>
<div class="property popup" id="plotPopupplot2">...</div>
<div class="property popup" id="plotPopupplot3">...</div>
<div class="property popup" id="plotPopupplot4">...</div>

And below is the current script text:

// When the user clicks on plot number, open the popup
function openPopup() {
{% set plottitle = craft.entries.section('availablehomes').relatedTo(category).level(2) %}
{% for entry in plottitle %}
    var popup = document.getElementById('plotPopup{{ entry.title|json_encode()|camel }}');
{% endfor %}

Which is printing out as:

// When the user clicks on <div>, open the popup
function openPopup() {
    var popup = document.getElementById('plotPopupplot1');
    var popup = document.getElementById('plotPopupplot2');
    var popup = document.getElementById('plotPopupplot3');
    var popup = document.getElementById('plotPopupplot4');

This is just a JavaScript problem. You have to add an event listener to the marker which opens the corresponding popup.

I put together a little example on JSBin here: https://jsbin.com/tigefikalu/edit?html,js,console,output

Hope that helps with the logic.

  • Thankyou it's almost there. As it's selecting the different popups correctly. However, when I click to activate it, it scrolls me back to the top of the page. Which I'm assuming is something to do with the #?
    – mention79
    Jan 19 '17 at 18:04
  • I've got it to stop jumping back to the top by adding return false; at the end of the script. Thanks for your help.
    – mention79
    Jan 19 '17 at 18:22

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