I have a plugin that includes a datepicker.

I initialize the datepicker like this


    'format': 'mm/dd/yyyy',
    'todayHighlight': true

I am saving the date from my plugin like this:

$myDate = craft()->request->getPost('myDate');
if ($myDate) {
    DateTime::createFromString($myDate, craft()->timezone);

$fieldsLocation = craft()->request->getParam('fieldsLocation', 'fields');

Because I have designated this field to be required, I get an error back saying that the field cannot be blank. Even though I have chosen a date.

If I change my datepicker to use this format:

    'format': 'yyyy/mm/dd',
    'todayHighlight': true

Everything works. I like how "human/U.S" friendly the top example is vs. yyyy-mm-dd.

Since I am populating the entry with this:


Is there a way to convert what is passed in to the correct format Craft is looking for?

I've tried something like:

$date = date(str_replace('/', '-', craft()->request->getPost('myDate')));

$myDate = date('Y-m-d', strtotime($date));

But that is getting overwritten by this guy still:


Thank you for any suggestions!

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After $entry->setContentFromPost($fieldsLocation); you should be able to add another line to explicitly set your calculated date.

$entry->setContent(array('fieldName' => $myDate));

Then just proceed with saving the entry as normal.

  • Thank you! I didn't realize I could call setContent back to back like that.
    – Damon
    Commented Jan 17, 2017 at 11:49

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