Is it possible to create a "Quick Link" in the control panel, similar to the way quick links function in ExpressionEngine?

If you have a Single that is frequently accessed by the client, it would be really helpful to save a link to the publish page right in the CP, rather than having the clients select Entries > Singles > Title every time they need to make an edit.


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Not natively, but it would be pretty easy for a plugin to add a widget that does something like that.

I don't see anything currently on Straight Up Craft that would fit that bill, unfortunately.


I know this is an old thread, but a solution has since been created...

Check out the awesome Control Panel Nav plugin, which lets you add whatever custom links you'd like!


To add some quick links to the dashboard, check out the RichTextWidget plugin: It lets you easily add any kind of text – including a list of hyperlinks – to the control panel's main page.

(One caveat: The richtext panel can only be set on a per-user basis – not to a whole admin group.)

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