I have a site where I want to feature the latest 5 entries and show the next 10 in a separate list. How would I do this?

The first part would be easy: craft.entries.section('news').limit(5)

But I can't figure out how to bring the next 10. Any suggestions?

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I believe you're looking for offset.

So if you want entries 6-15 it would be:


In the way you have described that you want to use all the results on the page but just moved and used in chunks you should save a query on the database and use slice over offset.

{% set entriesList = craft.entries.section('news').limit(15) %}

{# Featured #}
{% for entries in entriesList | slice(0, 5) %}
{% endfor %}

{# Other List#}
{% for entries in entriesList | slice(4, 10) %}
{% endfor %}
  • Answer from jnowladn using slices above works but note that it has a type you need to correct first - he calls 'entriesList' and then refers to it as 'entriesLists' in the slices which won't work - they need to be called the same thing. Slices are ace, saved me a bit of head scratching on listings pages. Commented Jul 24, 2017 at 15:23

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