I'm new to Twig, and I'm struggling to compare a value from a checkbox with a value from a drop-down

   {# sourceCountry - checkbox with a list of countries #}
   {# currentUser.country - dropdown with a list of countries #}

   {% for sourceCountry in region.targetCountries %}
      {{ sourceCountry }} = {{ currentUser.country }}   <br>
      {{ dump(sourceCountry == currentUser.country) }}
      {% if sourceCountry == currentUser.country %} 
         {% set visibility = true %}
      {% endif %}
   {% endfor %}

The result I'm getting from this is:



Most likely something to do with variable types, but no idea how to solve this. I've searched for some Twig 'to string' conversions, but no luck.

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A checkboxes field returns an array of models, that you can inspect using {{ dump(sourceCountry) }} in your loop.

The model has a __toString method that outputs the checkbox value when you output the model using {{ sourceCountry }}. This magic method doesn’t do its thing when you use the model in a comparison operator, so you are currently comparing a model to a string.

Access the value property directly and your conditional should work.

{% if sourceCountry.value == 'GB' %} 
    {% set visibility = true %}
{% endif %}
  • I knew I'm missing something obvious, thanks Carl
    – Lukigi
    Commented Jan 12, 2017 at 15:50

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