In the CP, is it possible to assign a user group to selected entries within a section.

For example, say I have a section called Events. Within that section I have a fieldType called company.

Can I create a user group called Company 1 where users within it can only see/edit entries within Events section that has its company field selected as Company 1?

Trying to ascertain if its possible to allow users from multiple companies access to the CP, but heavily restrict what they can access.


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Nope. It isn't possible to set permissions for individual entries (based on a field value, entry type or any other criteria).


Depending on what else you need, you might be able to do this with locales.

You would have a company1 locale, and a user group that had access to only that locale.

Abusing locales in this way is the approved way to do a multi-site Craft install: Coming to Craft 3: Multi-Site

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