I have a group website which has a main site and 3 sub sites all within 1 Craft Installation. Each sub site has its own Structure Section for Content.

I am adding a Group Wide Search to the main site and sub sites. Sub sites are accessed by subdomain of main site - e.g. property.domain.com agents.domain.com

On a sitewide search if I get results from the subsites the entry.url will just contain the domain from the site it is being searched for.

So for my search results - I will check the handle of the entry to see if it is from the subsites - and then if possible replace the domain.

I can get the handle with:

{% set handle = entry.section.handle %}

Is there a handy way to replace the domain?


You could use the Craft/Twig |replace filter, which supports regex replacements.

Something like:

{% set handle = entry.section.handle %}

{% if handle == 'subSiteSectionHandle %}
    {% set newUrl = entry.url|replace('/regexMatchPattern/', 'replacedWith') %}
{% endif %}
  • great - works 100% - using {% set newUrl = entry.url|replace(craft.request.serverName, 'newhostname') %}
    – mmc501
    Jan 10 '17 at 17:01

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