I have a channel with entries which have a category field which is required. When the entries are listed on a page how do I find the category that it belongs to?

{% for entry in entries %}
    <span class="event">{{ entry.title }}</span>
{% endfor %}

Code so far is above.

The category has a background color field which I want to apply to the <span>.


If I'm following you, you've got a category group setup with a color field on its field layout.

Then you've got a category field setup with it's source set to that category group and in an entry, you want to get to the color field on the category group.

{% for entry in entries %}

    {# Grab the first category #}
    {% set category = entry.categoryFieldHandle.first() %}

        Or if there are multiple categories...
        set category = entry.categoryFieldHandle.find()
        And loop through to find the one you want

    <span class="event" style="background-color: {{ category.colorFieldHandle }}">{{ entry.title }}</span>
{% endfor %}

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