I've been building sites with ModX Revolution for about 4 months but I've heard great things about Craft. I downloaded and installed it and the interface looks great.

To perform a detailed evaluation, I need to dive in and start building a basic site. But I don't know where to start. I found the mijingo tutorials but I have to pay $39.00 then mijingo tells me that I can only get so far with a free Craft license. To get the full experience, I need to buy at least a client license.

Are there any beginner tutorials for Craft that are free or at least don't require me to commit to the client Craft license?


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If you run Craft from a non-public domain, you actually have the option to switch between Craft Personal, Craft Client, and Craft Pro for free, forever.

You can start with using the "On The Rocks" example website.

“What is a non-public domain", you ask? We consider any domain that ends with .dev, .local, or any other unofficial/nonregistrable TLD, to be non-public, as well as other special cases such as localhost and IP addresses. You can view the full list of things we check in this help article.

From https://pixelandtonic.com/blog/test-craft-client-pro-from-any-non-public-domain


Testing all Craft versions:

If you would like to try out Craft Client or Craft Pro before buying, you can do so by running your site from the host name craft.dev. Subdomains work as well, e.g. site1.craft.dev.

See: How can I try Craft Client or Craft Pro before buying?



P&T has demo files for two sites on github, which you can install locally:


  • Wow, that was quick. Thanks for the answer. I have it set up on my local MAMP install as craft.dev.
    – Henry
    Aug 12, 2014 at 15:57
  • Is there just a complete guide for Craft plugin developers? Official documentation explains only how to work with mouse in CP and gives only few words for developers. When I start to code I stuck at every simple thing. Simple creation of new Element programmatically turns into a real quest, because it's absolutely not clear what methods should I use, what parameters etc... And don't even think to try to make complex relational fields programmatically. That's where the nightmare begins. Craft really needs a clear guide like it's parent Yii has. Recipes can't replace a complete guide.
    – Stalinko
    Feb 16, 2018 at 17:47
  • Update: Up and Running with Craft (the newest version of Mijingo's Learning Craft) is now free for everyone at CraftQuest.io. craftquest.io/courses/craft-cms-3-tutorials
    – CraftQuest
    Feb 25, 2019 at 1:27

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