In the backend, I could upload an image. I see it loads fine in the backend admin CP.

But it goes to a 404 error on the front end.

File System Path: /home/devserv1/colorcomputergames.com/assets/clones/

The URL to your folder: http://www.colorcomputergames.com/assets/clones/

The direct URL to the image is: www.colorcomputergames.com/assets/clones/lunar_lander.png

But it brings up a 404 Error. I read here to look into the server settings. I'm running Apache.


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Figured it out. I assumed that my assets folder needed 744 just as the install instructions mentioned for the Craft CMS folders. But, I need to change the permissions to the standard 755. Once I did, I could view the images.

  • Almost four years later this helped me out. Thanks. Oct 16, 2020 at 22:21

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