I'm trying to make a very basic plugin that will send an email alert to a User if an Admin changes their User Group.

I thought I could use the onBeforeSaveUser to get the User's current User Group, and then use the onSaveUser event to compare that with the Event's User Group - and then if they differ, do the mail sending.

It doesn't work, and I don't know why. Both events always get the same value for the User Group. What am I not understanding correctly?

private $existingGroups = NULL;

public function init()
    craft()->on('users.onBeforeSaveUser', function(Event $event) {
        $eventUser = $event->params['user']; // get the user we are editing

        $user = craft()->users->getUserById($eventUser->id); // get that user's existing information, before we edit it

        $this->existingGroups = $user->getGroups(); // store the groups the User belongs to
        GroupNotificationPlugin::log("existingGroup: " . $this->existingGroups[0]->name, LogLevel::Info);

    craft()->on('users.onSaveUser', function(Event $event) {
        $user = $event->params['user']; // get the user we are editing

        GroupNotificationPlugin::log("Was: " . $this->existingGroups[0]->name, LogLevel::Info);
        GroupNotificationPlugin::log("Now: " . $user->getGroups()[0]->name, LogLevel::Info);

        if($this->existingGroups[0]->name != $user->getGroups()[0]->name){
            GroupNotificationPlugin::log("Changing group", LogLevel::Info);

Was: XXX and Now: XXX are always reporting the same, even when I know that I have changed the User Group (unchecking the old one, checking a new one, saving).

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The problem is that both onSaveUser and onBeforeSaveUser get fired from UsersService->saveUser() and user group assignment happens in the UsersController->actionSaveUser() after UsersService->saveUser() has already been called.

You should probably be using onBeforeAssignUserToGroups and onAssignUserToGroups instead.


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