My cache won't expire. This is effectively my code:

    $template = (isset($params['template']) ? $params['template'].'?'.$config['pageParam'].'='.$pageParam : null);

        echo craft()->cache->get($template);

        craft()->cache->set($template, $JsonValue, 'P1D');

The cache saves just fine but when I forward the clock on my server a few days ahead and refresh the page it's still using the cached data. I've also tried actually waiting a few days in case it was using another clock but that didn't help either.

Is there something I'm missing? I figure Craft or the Yii Framework will take care of expiring the cache after the one day period set (P1D). I don't see any methods to check the date of the cache or anything where I could manually intervene.

For what it's worth I'm using theolampert's fork of the ElementAPI plugin which adds caching.


Looks like a bug in the plugin.

The 3rd $expire parameter when calling set states:

The number of seconds in which the cached value will expire. 0 means never expire.

But it's passing in the PHP time format notation. I'd suggest contacting the author of the plugin.

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